Backyard Wedding in Surrey

You know how first impressions are everything?  My first impression of Nadia and Connor was several years ago when I photographed their lively, energetic, witty, and downright hilarious extended family and had a BLAST laughing my way through their family antics. So when we met for coffee last fall and chatted all things wedding, it was a little bit of a reunion and family catch-up … and the fun was only just begun.

Nadia and Connor’s backyard wedding in Surrey was filled with all the things that are them: friends, family, laughter, a healthy dose of creativity, and – oh yeah – their dog Angel.   With so many pieces of the day DIY’d,  Nadia’s personality overflowing in abundance, and joyous pops of coral it was a day to remember.

Laughing our way through a coffee date, then, was only just the start of the laughter…and as proof of Nadia’s sense of humour, I’m including a few of the most gut-busting moments in photo: even the one where the groomsmen almost dropped her. (Don’t skip all the other photos just to see that one! Promise?!)

Two things to note here: 1) Nadia and her sister have coordinating tattoos from Robert Munsch’s book and 2) that is three generations of happily ever to celebrate with Nadia!

Naked cakes are my new favourite thing and this one is no exception…especially once it started getting smashed. I laughed so hard. Just wait ’til you see those photos, too! [Scroll down, but scroll slowly!’

Everything happened in one place during this backyard wedding, so Nadia and her crew were downstairs in the home while Connor and his crew waited outside for the party to start.

[Note to future brides: the beauty of not having to drive around from place-to-place is real. If you’re considering a backyard wedding, let this be a pretty prominent benefit!]

So. Much. Emotion.

Oh man. Not a dry eye as Nadia emerged in her wedding dress. Reality hit everyone’s tear ducts at the same time.

Nadia had only to walk out the back door of this beautiful home to her waiting groom. [Note: another reason to consider a backyard wedding! The commute is short!] And, boy oh boy, Connor was waiting patientlyimpatiently for his bride. It was adorable.


(Dog of Honour did his job so well.)

Joy, people. Sheer joy.

surrey backyard wedding

Moving straight into portraits while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour and the photo booth, Connor got to snuggle with his wife. 


They appear to like one another, no?

I would never (usually) choose a favourite member of the bridal party, but in the case the choice was obvious.

Staaaahp it, you two! You’re too gorgeous!

backyard wedding surrey

So here’s the story: Nadia specifically requested a photo of herself being held up by the groomsmen…and then one of the bridesmaids [who shall remain anonymous for her own protection :-P] suggested a little healthy competition so that Connor could have the experience, too. So here’s the question: Who did they NOT drop? 😉

(For the record: no bride was actually dropped in the making of this memory.)

Moving into the backyard wedding reception, Nadia’s youngest cousins absolutely stole the show. Especially once they dubbed themselves her personal train carrying attendants. It was a title they wore proudly and a role they filled much longer than expected. [You know the drill: keep scrolling!]

backyard wedding

Socks and shoes are important, eh? Especially when they’re coordinating boots and funky socks!


Remember how I said the cake cutting was a stitch?  Well, here you go:  proof of Connor and Nadia teetering on the brink of a food fight on their wedding day.

backyard wedding cake smash

Catering: Carvery Sandwich Shop
Dress: David’s Bridal
Florals: Mother of the Groom
Cake: Lisa Bickell
DJ: Greg Cannon and Ultimate Event Entertainment

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