What to Wear to Photograph a Wedding

Wedding Photographers! Do you ever wonder what to wear to photograph a wedding? Do you wake up on a wedding morning with a fashion crisis? Do you ever end up wondering if you’re committing a fashion faux pas during the wedding day?  Dude, I hear you! It’s admittedly not easy to be in a career that requires professional attire with a distinct need for comfort plus a remarkably active job needing functional wear. Too bad it’s not legitimate to wear hiking gear to a wedding day, amIright?!

I used to wonder what to wear to photograph a wedding, too, until I realized I have three basic requirements:  1) classic outfits that don’t stand out too boldly, 2) full coverage that allows me to avoid any possible wardrobe malfunctions while I’m doing my job, 3) pockets!  With over 130 weddings under my belt, I’ve had 130 opportunities to decide what to wear to photograph a wedding . . . and this year I think I nailed it. 😉

But FIRST: my favorite behind-the-scenes photo of 2019! Amber is such a gem and this photo was half her idea and half mine (if I remember correctly!) and remains a perfect combination of giggling fun and mirror selfie. 😉

And then my second favourite behind-the-scenes photo from this year: Jess and Rainer climbed a mountain for their post-wedding portraits and I will cherish these sweaty memories for always.

But actually. When deciding what to wear to photograph a wedding, my default is now my Virginia Dare Dress Co. Emma — long enough to stay where it needs to stay all day, pockets, functional AND classy… and I now have it in two different colours so I can shot back-to-back weddings without doing overnight laundry. 😉  I have even been known to add tights and a cardigan to this dress so it can work for a wintery wedding, too!


My other hack this year was purchasing a long sleeveless vest (similar to this one) to add a bohemian drape to any outfit I chose to wear.

what to wear to photograph a wedding

I wore the sleeveless vest over my Abigail from Virginia Dare Dress Co. and that combination hit all my goals: pockets, drape, classy, comfort, and function!

what to wear to photograph a wedding

Another favourite? Maxi Dresses!  Sadly this particular dress doesn’t have pockets (increasing the odds of losing my lens caps!) but I loved how effortlessly I could wear it (and the vest gave me a little extra splash that I loved).

what to wear to photograph a wedding

So, basically, wondering what to wear to photograph a wedding? Stick with comfort and class, function plus fashion, AND POCKETS.

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