Campbell Valley Park Wedding

When Adam & Laura told me that they wanted Campbell Valley Park wedding portraits because of the close proximity to their backyard wedding location, I didn’t fully comprehend just how close we’d be to the park!  But, truly:  Laura grew up basically a stone’s throw from Campbell Valley Park so portraits at the park was a perfect decision — she told stories of jogging the park’s loop during High School and meandering the park on early dates with Adam while we wandered for the perfect shot.

With a deep sense of nostalgia and sentimental beauty already deeply entrenched in her wedding day by virtue of location (her childhood home!) and her jewelry (heirloom pearls rich with history), Laura planned a zero waste wedding adding to the charm of her day!  With the amount of waste a typical wedding produces (napkins! plasticware! favors!), an eco-friendly wedding is no easy feat but Laura made it look effortless.

While guests lingered on the back deck of her childhood home, Laura made her elegant bridal entrance from the wrap-around porch and pretty soon it was official: MARRIED!

langley backyard wedding near campbell valley park

langley backyard wedding near campbell valley park

With much celebration, we traipsed across the street (well, and around the corner :-P) for our Campbell Valley Park wedding portraits.

campbell valley park wedding park

Would you believe that this is the FIRST wedding dress Laura tried on at the FIRST store?! How perfect!

campbell valley park wedding bridal portrait


campbell valley park wedding

campbell valley park wedding

campbell valley park wedding

This reception was perfectly crafted to be both a perfect al fresco dinner and fun-filled evening. As the sun set across the ocean sparkling below (yup: talk about a view!), guests were served a luscious family-style dinner in several courses while friends rolled a D20 instead of clinking glasses.

If a 10-20 was rolled, Laura and Adam would kiss.

If a 9, the roll-er had to showcase a kiss for Laura & Adam to copycat.

If an 8, the roll-er had to sing a love song.

If a 7, he or she had to dance back to his/her seat.

If a 6, a hug was in order.

If a 1 – 5, the roll-er kissed someone.

But, by far, my favorite moment of the reception came when Laura pulled out the cake cutting knife that had been made by her great-grandfather, a British silversmith. Not only was the cake too beautiful to cut (piled with berries by Laura herself!) but the heritage of that knife coming down through the generations?! Whew. Rich, rich, rich history.

And, of course, with a sunset that looked as lovely as this, we scampered a few feet away from the reception tent for Adam & Laura to practice their first dance in the sunset, soaking in not only the sun rays but also the beauty and magic of their wedding day.

langley sunset wedding portrait

So much love for the amazing vendors Laura chose for her wedding day:

Florals: Flowers from a Country Garden

Dress: Bliss Consignment Bridal

Cake: Homemade

Officiant: Shirley Henderson

DJ: Spin Doctor

Caterer: All Spiced Catering

Hair/Makeup: S & Co. Beauty Group 

Photography: Jenni Marie Photography

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