Minnekhada Lodge Wedding

Joanne & Dave were married at a fun-filled Minnekhada Lodge wedding surrounded by their dearest family and friends and what I love the most is seeing how much Joanne crafted a wedding day that is theirs  and exactly what they wanted. Prioritizing time with friends and excellent food, they chose a relaxed timeline filled with ample time to visit with dear people from far and near. One of the sweetest touches, though, was how they chose to include fabulous personalization in the form a private ring ceremony during their first look. What a swell idea!

What a decadent bouquet, isn’t it? And such a gloriously beautiful cake. Whew. Such a beauty!

I have the privilege of working with a team of talented associates to photograph weddings when I am not personally available or when the client needs a customized package (associate photography definition: I still do the communication and editing and relationship, but someone else actually does the photographing). In this case, I was already scheduled to photograph in Chilliwack when Joanne reached out to book me so my associate was able to take on the day-of shooting for me!).

Huge shout out to my friend-turned-associate Sherri for rocking this Minnekhada Lodge wedding on my behalf!

Isn’t Joanne’s dress just dreamy? The blush pink is ridiculously awesome.

I think the best part of a Minnekhada Lodge wedding has got to be the path from the lodge to the ceremony. I mean, talk about making an entrance!

Look at all that joy… =D

Joanne, you’re stunning.


I am so grateful for my team photographing this wedding so well! Sherri & Michele ROCKED IT and I’m so grateful to work with such talented photographers.

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