2018 Wedding Highlights

One of my favourite weeks of the year is the one I set aside to look back on the clients and weddings that have consumed the past twelve months and celebrate the adventures and stories and tears and joys along the way. This week is one of the best such reflections because this year has been the first year that I am officially a full-time, self-employed, creative entrepreneur without juggling a day job alongside my photography business. I have hit some extreme highs (like the helicopter ride to a remote mountain lake for wedding portraits!) and some extreme lows (like the wedding I shot with a severely sprained ankle wearing winter boots to hide the brace . . . thanks to a fabulous second shooter to carry my bags and a steady stream of ibuprofen, no one was the wiser!) and some wild adventures (like the night I spent in a tent on a mountaintop with clients on their honeymoon).

I have cried during wedding vows, laughed until my side hurt during best man roasts, gasped in awe at magical sunsets, worked with a wildly talented bunch of vendors and some remarkably amazing clients.

It’s been a fabulous year . . . and here’s the photographic proof. =D

If you want to see the behind-the-scenes of Jennifer-in-action at these weddings: here you go!

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