Our Okanagan Easter

My trip to North Carolina ended with a bit of bittersweet angst.  An overbooked flight, with the offer of a free round trip ticket.  A hotel room and shuttle to Mall of America, without any luggage.  Six hours in the Vancouver airport waiting for a ride home, reading one of the best free Kindle downloads I have yet encountered.  Canceled plans, but a dinner out anyway.     Somewhere in the middle of the never-ending-trip-home, John explained his weekend plan:  a surprise, spontaneous, whimsical meander through the Okanagan of British Columbia.  As a new resident of Canadaland, the adventure was too good to be true (although packing for a trip while not yet unpacked from another trip is more trouble than I care to admit :-P).

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior than exploring the creation He masterfully designed.   In our three days of touring, we hiked desert hills, picnicked in the snow-covered alpine, scrambled up cliffs alongside a lake to watch a sunset, wound through valleys engulfed by mountains, and sat listening to lake-waves lap against the shore.  And all within a couple hundred kilometers of home.  Such variety!  Such beauty!  Such extravagance!

Have you recently stopped to consider that God could’ve created a world devoid of creativity?  The whole earth could look like Arizona’s deserts or Virginia’s rolling hills or Denver’s peaks or Saskatchewan’s prairies.  Imagine!  No variety! Nothing new to explore?!   Oh, the misery.

Instead, God created the earth and it was good and it was ALL DIFFERENT.  A weekend spent breathing in a tiny corner of the blissfully unique variety in landscape was a refreshing zephyr (ala Anne Shirley) to my creative soul.   The photos don’t prove it (looking back, I’m proud that I didn’t photograph constantly: I lived instead), but it was vivid sunshine most of our trip; a warm, healing, steady sun that made sunglasses a requirement.

Our route, in case you’re curious:  Langley, BC to Kamloops (3ish hours) then through Vernon to Penticton (2.5 hours) then through Princeton and Manning Provincial Park back to Langley. An easy weekend roadtrip; lots of hiking and exploring time with just enough car time without being tedious.

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