Ways to Personalize your Senior Photos

My senior photos were the opposite of personalized. I went to a Wal-Mart photo studio where a grumpy lady told me how to sit, where to look, how to position my chin…all with the goal that my photos would look exactly like every other portrait session ever to come through Wal-Mart’s studio. Too bad I’m not exactly like every other person in Wal-Mart. Too bad that no too people are ever exactly alike. But, see, I am a unique being worthy of being celebrated. And so are you.

Therein lies my delight in Senior Photos:  You are a unique individual worthy of being celebrated. So let’s celebrate! No boring allowed.

1. Pick a unique location that visually depicts a piece of who you are.

Sometimes the location you choose is the backdrop, sometimes it’s the subject matter. Effy chose a beautiful Chinese garden that depicts her heritage and native tongue as she celebrated her senior year. Do you show horses? Let’s go to the barn! Do you dance? Let’s find a stage! Is your favorite place your writing nook? Easily done.

2. Do something unique.

Abrianna is an Arizona girl who loves to vacation in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Not only we do her her senior photos in one of her favoritest spots in the world (location, location! see #1), but she decided to embrace her artistic, creative side with a temporary tattoo spotlighting her year of graduation.)

3. Showcase a hobby (or two).

Noah is graduating this year after an active high school sports career and with a flourishing love of books. Perfectly fitting, then, that he wore his basketball jersey as one of his outfits during his senior session and brought along a stack of his favorite books. (He also brought along his favorite gal for a darling twist to his senior photos. :-P) Photography your thing? Bring your camera. Are you a ballerina? Let’s dance. A violinist? Bring it.

To see more high school seniors celebrating their individuality and unique stories, there’s more examples here.

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