Senior: Kaylie [The Ballerina]


She stood at the Newton intersection, an ostentatious display of color and artistry. Locals drove by slowly, unsure of how to react – perhaps blinded by the yellow balloons. Waiting for a break in the traffic (it wasn’t a long wait), she walked to the middle of the four roads and let the helium (and her talent) carry her through the air. Effortlessly, she sliced the air, the ballerina with balloons.

No wonder she’s entering her favorite prestigious art school this fall: she has more talent in her big toe than I do in my entire leg. Pun intended entirely.

A few hours earlier, she’d stood by her sister’s side, not willing to miss even a moment of the celebration for Darbey’s art exhibit grand opening. Supportive. Caring. Loving.  She wouldn’t skip out early, choosing instead to stay with sister until the very last moment of fun.  (The family is, as you can imagine, a crew of highly talented specimens; each one with unique strengths and the ability to succeed.)

With her beauty, her talent, her heart, Kaylie is on an exciting road. Avoiding traffic, jumping across the intersections, lifted by happy colors.

She’s amazing.



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  1. Love, love, love. One of my favorites is the one with the balloons tied in the background and her flying through the air in the foreground. And the ones with the other ballet poses are so amazing, too!

  2. Spectacular! Thanks for capturing the quirky artsy girl who I’m proud to call my daughter!

  3. I love the shot with the painting – assuming her equally talented sister contributed that one? 🙂

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