At-Home Anniversary Photos

Dear Noah and Darbey,

When I first had you in a photo nine years ago during a dinner theater production, you were barely friends just navigating early High School. (Were you even friends? Maybe just passing acquaintances.) But then. Friendship blossomed and relationship grew and watching you two flourish has been one of the great joys of my decade and definitely one of the most delightful clientfriends of my career.  When I wrote about your wedding last year, I realized that I rank your wedding alongside my own siblings for sentimentality and personal significance …and now we’re at your first anniversary and all I can think is that you were just graduating from highschool, like, yesterday and can’t possibly be starting your second trip around the sun as husband and wife.

Thanks for being such a dear friend and delightful client and amazing pair. I can’t wait to see where these next months and years take you and will happily embrace the goosebumps whenever we next celebrate milestones together. 😉

All my love,


P.S. THE BEST DECISION we could’ve made was creating at-home anniversary photos for you. I cannot believe the transformation you’ve given this house as you’ve Chip-and-Joanna’d it with such smashing success.  Next time I decide to redecorate my home, I’m calling you for advice.


One of my favourite (albeit self-serving) parts of photographing these at-home anniversary photos was seeing photographs I’ve created for Darbey & Noah on display all over their home.  I mean, check out that  gloriously large print from their wedding!

Thistle stole the show on their wedding day, too, and might singlehandedly turn me into a dog lover.

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! (And cozy! And sweetness! <3 )


This one miiiight be my favourite from the whole shoot. Emphasis on might because I try not to play favourites.



Yes, that is my reflection in their window. Yes, I think this is a perfectly appropriate way to prove I was there too. 😛 (Don’t worry, I also got a version of this photo that isn’t obviously me!)

Love you guys! Happy anniversary!

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