Engaged: Keegan and Kelly [Alexandria, VA]

“What can I do for you today?” The man behind the counter leaned forward ever so slightly, making sure the next client could hear him beyond the glass. The glass partition almost made it seem as though he was afraid of human interaction, but his jovial smile proved otherwise.

Keegan grinned, triumphantly.

“We are here for a marriage license, sir.” He looked down at his bride, his Kelly. Almost his wife.

She glowed. No joke. Keegan reached for her hand, squeezing it gently, happily.

The man might have been just another government employee, assisting just another couple, doing just another set of paperwork, processing just another application for marriage, but he wasnt. He smiled back at the happy two, genuinely joining them in their triumph. He asked the routine questions, filled out the routine forms, gave the routine speech. But then it became personal. He had done his job, he was helping them navigate the last twenty six hours before their wedding, and then he rejoiced with them.

…Where are you from? ….Where are you going?…..Which branch of the military?….How did you meet?….When is the wedding?….

They answered, conversed, heard half his life story, and shared parts of theirs.

All the while, though, they were just enjoying being together. Side by side. In the same room. On the same continent. In the same timezone. Together. Years of long distance relationship and Skypeing across timezones and navigating airports and saying good byes had all ended.

And they had a marriage license.

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