Jones Lake Engagement Photos

Jones Lake Engagement Photos are legitimately, hands down, absolutely, without a doubt my favorite. I mean, I’ll admittedly be likely to pick somewhere else as a favorite next week (I always love the wilderness of Pitt Lake and the vibrancy of Vancouver and the quaint charm of Abbotsford, of course, so it just depends on where I most recently visited) but for right now in this moment: Jones Lake engagement photos are my fav.

Why? Well, in this case it meant that I bounced up the mountain getting to know Mehala and Josh before floating on a eurphoria of joy when the blue sky and snow caps came out to play. Plus, I then watched them snuggle by a fire as the sun dipped below the mountain range and swept us into the calm of twilight.

If that doesn’t sound idyllic, I don’t know what does.

(Fun fact, though: these photos don’t show how many people were vying for a spot on the beach, quad’ing up and down the road, and playing their music loud enough to carry echos across the lake.)


You know how some of the best memories are made by unfortunate circumstances? I got to watch how well Mehala and Josh work together when there was a little…complication cough, cough … on our way up the mountain. Their teamwork and resilience was both charming and inspiring, so these two get mad props — cute AND competent, they are!



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