Abbotsford Cherry Blossoms

Abbotsford Cherry BlossomsDuring most of my engagement sessions, I ask a couple of questions that are both hard (I mean, to be interviewed while you’re trying to model is intense multi-tasking!) and easy (it hypothetically distracts from the awkwardness of being photographed) and often I wish I had a tape recorder on so I can remember the beautiful  answers I get to witness.

But, for once, I actually remember what Rainer said when I asked him one such question:

“How did you know Jess was the one for you?” 

“Because I met her.”

If that isn’t heart-stopping romantic in its simplicity and powerfully beautiful with a teeny bit humorous plus a nice side of profound, I don’t know what is. (He went on to explain a bit more of what he meant, of course, and all the reasons he loves her. The pithiness of those four words, though, is my favorite.)

“Because I met her.”

But, see, the more I spent time with this pair, the more I know it’s true: humor and romance and beauty are at the core of who they are and make them a perfectly match set of adventurers ready to tackle whatever life brings them. Together.

Abbotsford Cherry Blossoms

I loved exploring Abbotsford Cherry Blossoms with Jess and Rainer. These two are the bomb dot com.

Pssst. If you’re looking for Cherry Blossoms in the Fraser Valley, my other favorite spot is in Langley.

(We were there to celebrate Abbotsford Cherry Blossoms, but CHECK OUT THE AZALEAS!) Abbotsford Cherry Blossoms

And JUST WAIT until you see what kind of adventure we’re going to have later this summer in celebration of their marriage. You will NOT want to miss it. I promise.

I especially loved their request to include their bike helmets in the photos. The juxtaposition of cherry blossoms and polka dots with helmets was just silly enough to make sure we laughed a LOT while taking these photos.

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