Ryan and Marian

As of this weekend, I have now been in 12 states in 6 months: Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Michigan. By the time you factor in several trips to Virginia and multiple destinations in North Carolina, I’m almost ready to admit that its time to stay home for a while. (The whole changing-oil-every-four-weeks thing is getting old.  And airlines just don’t serve good snacks anymore — except for Delta, its still got the corner on that market with its biscotti! And packing a suitcase isn’t an ordeal anymore; I just leave it packed and its ready to go whenever I am. )

However, the travel ain’t over yet. I still have Cape Cod and Boston to visit, a trip to Uganda on the horizon, a weekend in London planned, and a couple more trips to DC for my trusty car to maneuver. Add in weekend travels, a trip to the beach [grin], a couple hiking expeditions…and, wow, I think I’m tired! Or, wait. Not really. The fun has just begun… and don’t even get me started on what 2011 will hold!

Marian and Ryan have driven cross country once already and still have one more cross-country drive ahead of them before they settle in at their assigned base (after driving through way more than twelve states). We hung out at the Air Force Base where Ryan is finishing his training and meandered through town, watched the sunset over the river, sat through the shortest fireworks display in the entire southeast, and ate ice cream (lots and lots of ice cream).

Word to the wise: if you ever hear an ice cream truck start playing one song line multiple times…run the other direction…or else you’ll have it stuck in your head for days: “Come ‘n get your ice cream, come ‘n get your ice cream, come ‘n get your ice cream, come ‘n get your ice cream.” I think you get the point. (I was even singing it as I waltzed through the Charlotte airport. So not cool. The other passengers were looking at me funny.

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