Senior: Tiffany

Tiffany was heading toward me and the spot in I’d picked for our next series of shots. I was walking backwards (it takes talent, let me tell you) and explaining the concept of the hairbrained idea  I had (it involved Taylor Swift – don’t ask) and why we were walking across the parking lot to the corner of a field. She pointed over my shoulder, her eyes wide with surprise, staring at something behind me.

I had no idea what I would see when I turned around.

But now here’s the question: If you were me, walking backwards, holding your camera gear, carrying a bag of even more camera gear, and heading a downhill in the grass, do you think you would’ve been able do a 180 degree turn in a panicked hurry after seeing her shocked face without falling down?

Good news: I can.

And equally good news: a family of deer is a surprise I can enjoy. Especially when I’m not flat on my back.

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