Senior: McKenzie


Life. Love. Laugh.

Its a mainstream wallhanging, an over-used cliche, a plaque on a bathroom wall.  Truly, I see it everywhere.

But for McKenzie, its not just a cliche.

Its a reality.

Even in just a few hours hanging out with her in little nooks and crannies of Winston Salem, I saw her live, love, and laugh.  And I was inspired.

McKenzie doesn’t just let life happen. No sirreebob. She experiences it.   She opens her eyes — opens them wide — and takes it all in. Then she takes a new adventure by the horns and wrestles it a little bit. She jumps high, throws her hands up, and enjoys the flight (no matter how brief). She lives. Fully.

While she lives, she loves.  She cares. She asks. She ministers. She encourages.

But almost more than all of that, she laughs. A lot. She throws her head back,  crinkles her nose, and grins…smiles…laughs. Her eyes sparkle, her spirit shines. And she laughs.

So that’s McKenzie.

She lives.

She loves.

She laughs.

She inspires.






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