Senior: Hannah M.

I sat in my car, preparing to leave the park where I had just spent an hour cherishing my time with Hannah and her sisters. My phone beeped with a calendar reminder: it was still trying to remind me that I was supposed to meet with Heather…oh wait! I cringed. DID I REALLY JUST SPEND AN HOUR CALLING HER THE WRONG NAME?!?!

I read the notification again, hyperventilating this time, but a little more deliberately.

My panic attack stopped when I realized it was my brain that had read my notification incorrectly. Hannah is NOT the same as Heather, but apparently my brain say “H” and filled in the rest on its own.

As I drove away, though, still smarting from the heart panic that comes when you are temporarily convinced you messed up with a social faux pas of the rudest proportions,I realized a delightfully convicting truth.

Even if I had been calling Hannah by the wrong name, she is every bit the southern gem of a lady who would go out of her way to not embarrass anyone – even me – by calling out the mistake.

Oh, Hannah. I am so glad I didn’t call you the wrong name, but I am even more grateful to have been around your delightfully poised, uber talented, ridiculously charming, wonderfully compassionate self. Now here’s hoping some of that poise, talent, charm, and compassion is contagious. 😉

And did I mention talented?? She made her own skirt out of two old pairs of jeans. Is that amazing, or what?


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