Senior: Allie

All day, it was threatening to rain. Well, actually, it did rain…leaving me a little concerned how my evening was going to go. But, I had a plan and once I made sure Allie was on board with a little improv, I created two shoot schedules: one with rain, one without rain. Even as we started shooting, I didn’t know whether I’d be dealing with rain or not. But I wasn’t worried. Hey, if I can shoot a bride in pouring rain and not get her wet but still come up with beeeyoootious pictures, surely I can do the same for Allie. (And in case you’re wondering, I’m anxiously waiting until I can unveil that bridal beauty; 15 days and counting.) But we didn’t get wet. Not at all. In fact, for a few minutes, the sun even peeked out a little bit. But then it got all shy and snuck away again.

But, hey, who needs sun to have fun? Ever heard of Singing in the Rain?

Oh! And if you’re a rising Senior and want to be a Senior Rep, you should email me or call (336-793-6622) – you get a photoshoot and then fun gifts when you tell you friends about Yup yup. You know you wanna model. Yes, you do. 😛

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  1. You amaze me. That is all. I have LOVED watching you grow – I'm so jealous of the time you have to put into this! I'm gonna start sending referrals your way if people call me!

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