Engaged: Nick and Abby

Fact: when most people think “engagement pictures,” they do NOT think the basement of a parking garage, wedged between a black SUV with heavily tinted windows and a very thick concrete wall, including obligatory graffiti. And, for honesty’s sake, Nick and Abby probably didn’t envision that either. Or maybe they did. But the point is: I did. And, since I am bossy, I lived up to my name and we did it.

(Okay, okay. So I suggested it…and they liked it…so we did it. I. Am. Not. Bossy. Seriously, people! What gave you that idea? *smirk*)

But what do you expect? Last summer, Nick introduced me to Burn Notice (and I still haven’t forgiven him) with a daily countdown to the season premiere. Abby has seriously mean acting skills, obvious in college film projects. And, together, they strike me as very efficient espionage types. Throw a little love in the mix, and here comes the drama.

Oh, oh. And did I mention that when Nick and Abby saw these, they gave me some of the best compliments ever?? (I like compliments. Keep ’em coming, folks.)
“Exponentially better than I hoped/imagined
And I was already prepared to be blown away.The pictures are amazing

You are amazing
We art amazed”

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  1. Waaay secret agent!! Beautiful job! Although I don't know Abby as well, I DO know these pics capture Nick perfectly! Congratulations guys – I'm SOOO happy for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!!!

    hehe! I love my bro and his chica!


    totally awesomest ever! ๐Ÿ™‚

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