Engaged: Stephen and Amanda

I watched them and I smiled. Amanda and Stephen. Laughing. Together.

See, Maddie and I are kindred spirits. Its almost eery, actually. One cup of coffee at Panera and the rest is, as they say, history. Best buds. Kindred spirits. Snow friends. Chick flick marathons. Baking buddies.  So when I heard about Stephen…well…I needed to hang out with them, watch them hang out with each other; I needed to find out if Stephen was really good enough for my friend Maddie.

Well, I’m convinced.

He makes her smile. She makes him laugh. They can be super goofy together. Oh, and they look sappily beautiful, too. Even in the cold. Stephen kept complaining about being out in the cold, but really he was just giving me a hard time. (He was having a blast; I promise. Even if he won’t admit it. Yet.)

Maddie sat in her college dorm room (she’s getting her Master’s) and told me about her engagement. And how he proposed. And how excited she was. And all the wonderfulness she gets to look forward to with Stephen by her side. I don’t remember her exact words except to know that a) he did good, and b) she compared herself to a certain chick flick character . and c) they went out and bought a bridal magazine together minutes after he proposed (now that is a good man).  And even if the words didn’t tell the whole story, her eyes did.

He loves her.
She loves him.
And they’re getting maaaarrriiiieeed!

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