Engaged: Ruth and David (Part 2) | Greensboro Photography

The great thing about Ruth and David, though, is that not only do they love each other, but they are also ridiculously, adorably, perfectly suited for each other. And that is NOT an exaggeration. Plus, I have proof. Visual, documented, undeniable proof of their ability to love each other, laugh with each other, poke fun at each other, and yet always always always always be gentle and kind to each other. Its that last part that really struck me about these two. Theirs is a unique sense of humor. A playful humor, a language that they both speak.

I had them sit on the edge of the industrial porch. Started snapping. Kept the camera clicking. But David wasn’t just going to sit there and look pretty. He jerked away from Ruth, sending her rolling backward and then catching her again, just in time that they laughed together. She chuckling at his joke. He smiling into her eyes. I complained: “If you’re going to do something cute, you have to warn the photographer!” (Of course, I am a good photographer…so I did actually catch the moment…but I had to complain anyway.)

So he started counting down silently, his fingers hidden from her. I kept my camera poised. He jerked away.

“No fair!” she laughed as she tumbled. “I could see your hand in the shadow!”

Favorite quote of the day:

David: “In highschool, I was voted most likely to end up in a monastery.”
Ruth: “Monastery, huh? How’s that workin’ out for you?”

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