Engaged: Melanie and Brent


She fingered her ring.  Twirled its perfectly sized, elegantly smooth band around her finger, relishing the poignancy of its symbolism. She stood on the sidewalk in downtown Greensboro, embracing the reality only a few hours old: “We are engaged.”   It’s a beautiful thing, this gloriously delightful day-of-their-engagement.   The weather was perfect.  Traffic was only moderately frustrating.  The flowers were blooming.  The birds were singing.

So, yes. get this: Melanie scheduled a portrait session for she and her boyfriend and we made all the plans for it. But he’s a brilliant boy, that one.  He proposed mere hours before scheduled  the “portrait” session and turned it into an even more treasured celebration of their love and engagement!

The wedding planning would commence soon.  The celebrations would continue.  But for a couple hours, we took time breathe, to rejoice, to cherish their relationship and document their love.

P.S. Melanie was bridesmaid for Savannah two and a half years ago where  she and Brent looked quite dapper.

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