Old Hand Coffee

Old Hand Coffee is one of the reasons I am forced admit (to myself and now you) the shocking truth:  I love Abbotsford.  If you’re a fellow Abbotsfordian, I hope you’ve experienced Old Hand Coffee. If you are a local who hasn’t discovered its charm, you must. Right now.  If you’re not from Abbotsford, that’s too sad and I am so sorry. I was introduced to this minimalistic new cafe a couple months ago and I love it: the ambiance, the staff, the pastries, the coffee. It’s perfection.  Anyone wanna make a coffee date? See you there!

Falling in love with Abbotsford has been over a year in the making.  Old Hand Coffee plays a distinct role, of course, but so does the Abbotsford Hospital staff who nursed me back to health last year and the fantastic view of the Abbotsford/Chilliwack valley from Elk Mountain and the ever-spectacular Highstreet Shopping Centre (go ahead: ask me how many times I’m there each day week) with its view of Mount Baker.  Oh, and downtown Abbotsford with its local charm and chic flair? Boom. Amazing.  Example: even the front porch of Spruce Collective is swell (and perfect for staying dry during a surprise rain storm).

Meghan and Kelsy are BFFs whose due dates one(ish) months apart later this fall.  For them, a joint Abbotsford maternity portrait session was the perfect celebration of pregnancy, of friendship, of babies, of Abbotsford.


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