Mother’s Day: Newborn Johnnie


It’s her turn to be celebrated.  Her turn to look forward to a crayon-and-construction-paper offering after a couple years of diaper changes and midnight feedings.  Her turn to receive a free carnation just for going to the florist’s shop this week. Her turn for a breakfast in bed.  Her turn for, well, a day in her honor.

Cassie is celebrating a new side of mother’s day this year.  While spending the last couple decades with the second Sunday in May as the excuse and reminder to honor her own mother and look back on the many years of love and from Mom to daughter, this Mother’s Day marks the first year she’s looking into the future and watching her own newborn son grow up.

The first diaper change.  She’s a mother.  The first post-feeding burp.  She’s the Mom.  The first load of laundry.  She’s a Mommy.  The first smile.  Just for Mum.  Her son will have so many more benchmark “firsts” in the coming years:  the first haircut, the first day of school,  the first day of driver’s ed,  the first day of college.  But right here.  Right now.  It’s time for Cassie’s first:  her first Mother’s Day.

Happy (first) Mother’s Day, Cassie!

I’ve been so honored and privileged to be part of the photographic history of Cassie and Randall since their engagement then the wedding and then their anniversaries and then celebrated Johnnie’s imminent arrival during their maternity pictures.  Meeting Johnnie was poetry; this is the kind of baby every photographer dreams of spending time with. =)



P.S. On Thankful Thursday, I can’t help but marvel in gratitude for that Mother’s Day in the 80’s when I was the six month old who gave my Mom her first Mother’s Day. Mom’s are pretty great, aren’t they?

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