Steveston Family Photos

“Oh, you guuuyyys!  You’re looking so good.  So rad.  So fabulous!  Just stay right there…I’m going to try to get the dogs’ attention…give me some patience…you guys just look at me and we’ll hope the dogs do, too.”   I crouched under my umbrella for the Rai’s Steveston family photos and monologued — partially for myself and partially for the benefit of the seven smiles staring at me.

The entire Rai clan was poised for their family photo (together for the first time since Shanna moved to Alberta) and the dogs were looking everywhere except at me.

While musing to myself, I made a dreadful mistake:

“It’s a good thing my cats aren’t here…that would have been disastrous.”

And as fast as you can say c-a-t, those smart dogs had heard me talk about their favorite adversary and were scampering straight toward me, hoping I would produce a kitten from my camera bag.

My kitties were safely at home, however, and the poor dogs were again corralled for the group photo.

Also!  My previous rain-filled triumph was Alisha’s bridal photos in which we kept her dress safe, her hair beautiful, and her makeup spotless on a rainy day in Winston Salem. I think this trumps that, though:  seven people on a rainy day in the Pacific Northwest and all hairs, makeup, and outfits ended the day as spotless as when we started. =)  Proof positive that rain doesn’t have to stop the day from thriving.

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