Camera Shopping: Which Do You Need?

Cameras are not created equal, but in today’s advanced technological world the differences are nuanced: size of the camera body, size of the JPG files,  Wi-fi upload, ISO functionality.   While you decide what camera to purchase, I suggest you first establish  your budget then understand the geek speak before going camera shopping.

But what are you shopping for?  A point-and-shoot?  a DSLR?  an iPhone?  If we were sitting down at Starbucks with a latte trying to make this decision, this is how our conversation would go.  I’ll ask you a question in a slight southern drawl and you’ll pick your accent of choice to answer back.

how to choose your camera: camera shopping

An iPhone is, in this situation, any advanced smart phone that has enhanced camera functions.  I use the Droid Nexus 4 for most of my instagram photos.

A Point-and-Shoot is defined as any camera that is only a camera (not part of a cell phone) which does not have an interchangeable lens. Slim and transportable, it’s the camera for traveling, for easy shooting, for better-quality-than-a-cellphone.

A DSLR is a camera that allows you to physically change the lens attachment.  Often bulkier than a point and shoot, it does have increased capabilities and allows for accessorizing and advanced shooting.

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