Snapshots are Photos, too.

I didn’t have my “real” camera. There was no time to move to a more photo-worthy location. I had no control over the focal length, the f-stop, the shutter speed, or the ISO. Its not an image that will win a prize, or make you say “wow”, or ever be published. It wasn’t even my idea to take the picture. I almost didn’t take it because I “only” had my little camera with me.

Not every snapshot is a good photograph. Not every photograph is a good snapshot.  Sometimes, you want a snapshot. Sometimes, you try a little harder and you make a photograph. But sometimes, at the end of the day, the best picture is the one that you decide to take. Even if its a quick snapshot, taken on the el cheapo point-and-shoot camera, and lacking all of the proven factors that create a good image. Sometimes, all you need to do is click the button. Take the picture. Make a memory.

Its not going to be make you say “wow.”

It will never win a prize.

But I took the picture, clicked the button.

And that’ s why it’s a favorite.

‘Cuz its a memory.
My memory.
Our memory.

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  1. if the rest of the post hadn’t been about it being a normal camera, I wouldn’t have known. Though, arguably, you could say that you chose the normal camera in order to achieve the spontaneous snapshot quality naturally. It was an artistic choice–like some people decorate with beat of furniture so their house looks “vintage” (only better, because this is a gorgeous picture, and the furniture thing is very tricky to pull off).


  2. I beg to differ. this shot has it’s own “wow” quality.

    it captures so much in it’s simplicity. as if it was just begging to tell a story.

  3. so not true.
    definitely a favorite photo. ever. period.
    if you framed it and gave it to me as a gift id give it a place of honor. for serious. thats how much i love this pic!!

  4. guess what, Jen….

    It actually did make me say “wow” the first time I saw it. 🙂 it’s gorgeous and I never would have guessed it hadnt been taken with the “real” camera 😉

    and memories are always better than prizes anyway 😉

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