My Favourite Things: A Giveaway

Over on my Instagram right now, I am giving away $150 of locally sourced, artisan made inspirations: my favourite things.  The deadline to enter is Sunday, January 31 at 9pm PST  and all you have to do is follow me on Instagram and tag a friend in the comments!

As an entrepreneur in the world of current technology and ever-evolving  social media platforms, I am admittedly slow to the game.  I refused to create a Facebook Page for three years of my business, when Instagram came to Android I used it strictly for personal use for almost two years before realizing it was the perfect showcase as a photographer, I’m still a Twitter skeptic (I’ll tackle that medium next), and ashamedly claim to be “too old” to learn Snapchat and Periscope when really I’m just “too lazy”.

But.  Free things for fantastic people?  THAT I can celebrate!

(And celebrate my spelling of favourite!  As a grammar-and-spelling connoisseur (just don’t make me spell connoisseur without spell check) and American living in Canada, changing my spelling to a Canadianized English is a long road. )


I chose these items carefully, celebrating not only my favourite vendors and shops but also my favourite activities and my favourite British Columbia novelties.

  • Beeswax Candles from @montrose_and_george are a token of my childhood and the many many hours I spent beekeeping with my Dad and making candles from the wax with my Mom.
  • Brave & Courageous Print (via @sprucecollective) is not only a beautiful wall hanging but celebrates the mountains of life: beautiful but daunting, inspiring but scary.
  • Pack of Buttons from @assemblyoftext is both for the fun of buttons (hellloooo middle school!) and for the amazing outdoor adventures they memorialize. I love being outdoors, especially here in the beautiful British Columbia.
  • Earrings by @sweetcarolinecreative via @wildflowerabbotsford because I love feeling pretty and earrings are an instaboost for me…plus, I adore the talent and designs of Sweet Caroline Creative, and I know you will too!
  • Beauty in Rain Calendar is a sneak peek at the project I have been working on for two years; the rain of the Vancouver area has been challenging for me, but I choose to find the beauty in even the most abysmal circumstances.
  • Tea is my favourite. Tea from @milseanshoppe is exceptionally delightful.  What better than a cup of tea with a friend? I may not be able to actually drink tea with you far-away friends, but I sure would love to!
  • Ginger Cookies are my one token of my past life:  @OldSalemInc is the historical Moravian village in my home town in North Carolina and these cookies are melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

So how do you enter?  Go over to Instagram, follow along, and tag a friend. It’s that easy!

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