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A Cat Cafe? Whether it’s a delightful concept or a disturbing reality, it needed closer inspection.  Catfe Vancouver is Vancouver’s first, although the idea isn’t unique to British Columbia pet lovers – Taiwan started the new trend in 1998.  When I made my reservations over six weeks ago, today was the first available weekend; when I tried rescheduling my reservation last week, the only open dates were in late March.

Even though I am a self-described cat lady, the idea of a restaurant and pet shelter morphed into one seemed like a stretch; especially during a week (such as this one) where I am not winning the battle against cat hair in my house.

The cafe, though, is distinctly separate from the cats; my Ameowicano was ordered and prepared in a cat-free room and I am the one who carried it into the cat room with me. With a lid firmly affixed, the cat hair and my food were firmly segregated.

Catfe Vancouver rules are for the security of the cats and safety of the humans, Catfe Vancouver decor is uniquely designed for the cat lover and the lovely cats, Catfe Vancouver is the ultimate coffee shop getaway.

Sitting on the floor two floors above street level, snuggled with a cat (who chose to come sit with me!), sipping an Ameowicano (made by a purrista), and reading a book about cats? I can’t imagine a more perfectly relaxing moment.

Catfe Vancouver not only has cat books, TV for cats, and toys for everyone, they also have cat games galore.  Crazy Cat Lady was a big hit among our foursome, Yasmin (our extremely helpful staffer-friend) suggested we play Sequence Cats next (or, in our case, next time) and the only activity we  really needed was cat toys and camera phones.

I’m already planning my next trip back (nieces: ready to go with me?) but have to be careful not to go too often otherwise I’ll be the one adopting all the cats . . . and will  actually be a crazy cat lady. 😛

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  1. This looks absolutely incredible! Except for one problem… being in a room with even one cat now sends my lungs into spastic fits. 🙁 Not good when I started out life as a cat lady. I’m now firmly in the dog camp. But maybe with a mask… toting my nebulizer… a haz-mat suit… and a driver so I can take a double dose of Benedryl as soon as I leave the building?

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