Wreath Making Workshop

A few months ago, I went to my very first floral arranging class (a flower crown workshop, to be precise) and I LOVED it. Creating art using a pile of twigs was an energizing but relaxing evening and I loved it.  When Sophia’s Flower Shop announced her wreath making workshop on Facebook, then, I was ready to sign up immediately. I had been so impressed with Sophia’s floral work at Britteny’s wedding and was thrilled by the idea of learning under her tutelage.

I dragged (drug?) Meghan along with me and was pretty excited to run into Britteny, too.  We started with our blank canvas wreath frame (here’s the key difference between flower crowns and wreaths — wreaths are tremendously easier because of the pre-built frame!), trimmed our greenery, and then started creating.

I especially loved the variety of greens that Sophia had for us to choose from — I think I count five different greeneries just in this one corner of my wreath?

Although the wreaths were large and sometimes unwieldy, the end result of a hand-crafted Christmas wreath kept us going. For the first time EVER I have a real wreath on my front door and knowing its made with love and tears by me? Oh so priceless. 

We both opted for the asymmetrical design.  In my mind that sounded easier because it required less wiring, but in reality my brain is far too symmetrical and perfectionistic to find freedom in the asymmetry.  Eventually I got there, though; it just required a little more armchair psychiatry than I anticipated. 😛wreath making workshop at Sophie's Flower Shop wreath making workshop at Sophie's Flower Shop

As we left the Flower Shop armed with our wreaths, the sun was setting with perfection over the valley so of course we stopped for photos.

wreath making workshop at Sophie's Flower Shop

I don’t know what I love more: the breeze making us hair models, the glowing sun, the majestic mountains, or our wreaths on display. Maybe all of the above?

P.S. I’m thinking about hosting a floral-themed workshop/party/class for my brides.  What do you think? Would you attend?

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