Behind-the-Scenes 2017

One of the benefits of being behind the camera is avoiding the joys and pitfalls of being in front of the camera, but since my whole job is coaxing clients to enjoy being in front of my camera I am learning (slowly) how to enjoy it, too!

Shooting several of this summers’ weddings alongside talented photographers means I have a fairly comprehensive collection of Jennifer-at-work photos. . . some more flattering than others and all proving a certain bossy enthusiasm I bring to wedding day photography.

I think I’ll call this one “check out my guns” because that’s what seemed to stick out to my friends on Facebook when I shared it this summer.

The bridal party lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting photographer . . .

No snarky caption here, because I just really like this photo.

My dance moves are sublime and I will show them off whenever possible.

Moments like these are why I go to the gym . . . squats, baby!

Is this real life? A day at the office with this view??!

We’ll acknowledge that this is my face of glee every time I get THE SHOT and start to do my happy dance.

But THIS FACE?! Ohmyword, make it stop puhlease. I’m pretty sure this is my attempt at making the littlest guest smile, but now I understand why it wasn’t working . . . 😉

“You better stand exactly where I tell you to, OR ELSE!”

It’s too bad I’m not tall enough  . . .

And there’s those squats again.

Once again: bossy Jennifer comes out. I promise, though, I’m super nice and the bossiness means we get to eat sooner!

I will crawl through the woods for you…

Even I enjoy a good mirror selfie every now and again. 😉

And this? We’ll just say it’s a fun photo of my hair and my camera. Not necessarily in that order.

I call this the move-and-shoot technique.

And again: the ladder is my friend because I cannot imagine spending all day running around in heels. I think that makes me officially old. 

And, finally, where’s Jennifer? 😉 Can you find me?

Many thanks to Greg and Bradley for the exceptional proof that I am just as obnoxiously goofy as I feared.

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