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Although this has been the summer of convalescence (see my open thank you letter to the doctors, nurses, family, and friends during my appendicitis and hospitalizations), it will be evermore defined in my memory as the summer I was blessed abundantly. Words will never do justice to the beautiful care and love I have received from friends, both new and old. No matter how many thank you notes I write, no matter the number of times I try to express my appreciation, I’ll always fail.  I have been overwhelmed by the giving I have received, and I am honored by the selflessness I have seen.

If words fail me, what would photos do?  Maybe we can work together to give back? Yes.  Yes, we can.

If you make a donation to New Hope Uganda’s Musana Camp ministry, I will gift you a family photo shoot.  You give back to a camp that provides outdoor fun and adventure for street kids and fatherless children and Ugandan organizations, I will give you photos of your family…just in time for Christmas!

Why Musana Camps? The easy answer: it’s where John and I met and is the indirect reason I married the Canadian and moved from North Carolina to British Columbia.  Obviously, it holds a pretty special place in my heart.  As if that’s not enough, my cousins Syd & Andrea live and work there and are raising their family there, too.

Back in 2009, I showed up in Uganda on the day that Syd & Andrea loaded their whole life into a Toyota Land Cruiser and trekked five hours away from civilization along a bumpy dirt road to a corner of Lake Victoria’s shores that housed beautiful sunrises, lush green jungles, many monkeys, and absolutely no running water or electricity or plumbing or anything.  We didn’t even have a house to sleep in the first night — we set up a tent in the dark and hoped for the best.

Over the next three months of my time in Uganda, we hosted teams of hardworking volunteers who started the transformation of Musana Camp from a patch of wilderness into the thriving, established retreat that it is today.  One of the teams came from Langley, BC and one particular knight-in-shining-armor wired the two-room-house-called-a-home for solar electricity.  Five years later, I’m married to that electrician and the camp has started hosting groups from all around Uganda — earlier this year they even had their largest group yet: 100 children experiencing fresh air, playing games, and learning about Jesus.

While I was in Uganda five years ago, I watched as Syd and members of one of the teams  set up the massive & durable tents that have housed the campers all these years.  Time has taken its toll, though; the tents need to be replaced.  That’s where we come in: I want to give you the opportunity for a JenniMarie family photo session (just in time for Christmas card pictures!) at no cost after you make a tax-deductible donation to Musana Camps.

When you go to New Hope Uganda‘s website and click the big blue button to DONATE, direct your donation to Musana Camps.  If you want to, note that it’s for the camper cabin project — together, we can make a dent into the replacement of the tent!
The Details

  • Offer is only valid for photo shoots in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.
  • You must schedule your shoot to take place before November 1, 2014.
  • Photo shoot includes up to one hour of on-location shooting time and the digital download of full resolution images, with copyright release.
  • Suggested minimum donation is $100, you can donate on the  New Hope Uganda website directly. Please bring your receipt to your shoot.
  • Schedule will be filled on a first-come, first-served availability.

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in getting my family pictures done:)!! It came through on the homeschooling web!! If you can get back to me that would be great:)! We are away this weekend but will be back on Monday!!
    Blessings Talisa

    1. Please email me, Talesa! I tried contacting you with the email address you provided and it came back undeliverable. You can email jennifer @ jennimarie.com

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