One Big Family

I knew I was in for some, um, excitement even before I arrived at the homestead.

A couple days before my scheduled photo shoot with this extended family, full of fun and good-looking genes, I got an email wondering if I would hang out an upstairs bedroom window to take an aerial shot of all the family in a family tree configuration.

My mental picture, as I read that email, had me hanging desperately onto the window sill with one foot while the other leg kicked wildly through the air as I dangled out the window upside down shooting pictures frantically in hopes of getting a good one before I plummeted to the earth.

My goal: avoid the dangle and plummet part.

As I described this plan to my friend and fellow photographer, she wasn’t as sympathetic as I’d hoped:

I want a picture of you taking a picture of that… 😛

What a great friend, huh?

Well, anyway, I didn’t dangle. I didn’t plummet. But I did get the family tree shot.


Plus, the obliging cousins lay on the ground while I peered down at them from my perch. They must like laying on the ground. Or, at least, they look awfully cute in the process. 🙂

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