Exceptional Family Photos (Pt. 2)

The rain didn’t just threaten, it poured.  It poured so hard, we canceled our time together and rescheduled for later in the week.  Bummer of a morning, right?  Wrong.  Already fully prepped for a rainy day, my cameras and I took a drive along the Fraser River to work on the personal project I’m currently pursuing (more on that later — possibly sometime before 2015 arrives?  no promises, though).  Would you believe the sun had the audacity to come out after we canceled?  Yes.  The nerve! But guess what Angela did?  She was flexible and we shot anyway!

After realizing how delightful a family portrait session can be at home (did you see Michelle & Bryant’s family photos?) and acknowledging that the weather is a very fickle creature, we decided to nix the grandiose park plans and just meet on their property.

Oh, boy oh boy:  what a perfect plan, too!  A field, a grove of trees, and – joy of joys! – a dilapidated (but structurally sound) barn that matched their gray-and-red color scheme! Be still my beating heart! =D

Remember Part 1 of the Exceptional Family Photos?  This marks part two:  we photographed at home, played and played and played in between photos, and focused on letting the kiddos be an active part of the photo shoot (deciding locations, playing games from spot-to-spot, etc).

Family photos don’t have to be stressful: let them be fun!.

A word of delight to future clients:  don’t underestimate your back yard.  Remember how much easier your life is if you don’t have to pile your kids into the car and remember all the diaper bags and snacks and outfit accessories.  Remember how much better your life will be if your kids are in their natural element and delighted by it.  Remember how much happier your photos will be if you are happy!  And remember how much your photographer will be if you show her the  supposed “eyesore” in the backyard and find out its her new favorite place. 😛

A milestone moment:  little Zoe found her thumb for the very first time ever and started sucking it!  How cool is that?!?! =D

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