Exceptional Family Photos (Pt. 1)

The fourth family photo session in as many years with Michelle & Bryant’s family was a rousing success. To add victory to the victory, this time we had the most kids and the least amount of stress and the best photos.  Triple win, right?

How’d we do it?

1. Let the kids choose parts of their outfit, as you see fit:  Danny, for example, decided the boys would wear yellow and Tommy decided his rain boots couldn’t not be in the photos.  Plus, Maria & Esther made their own headbands!

2. Schedule your family photos at home. Yes, you read that right: if at all possible, stay home.  Let me try again: STAY HOME! By avoiding the load-up-the-kids-and-remember-all-the-diaper-bags routine, Mom & Dad are way less stressed.  When Mom & Dad are less stressed, kids are so much happier!  When kids are happier, Mom & Dad are calmer.  When Mom & Dad are calmer, the photographer is overjoyed. Plus, what better way to remember your children than in their natural element and having fun at their favorite place?

3. Allow time to let-kids-be-kids.  Whether that means playing with seashells with the photographer before taking photos or indulging in tricycle-and-wagon playtime after the posed photos are finished or playing in the hayloft, don’t rush through your time with the photographer:  let kids be kids!

And just like that: exceptional photos of Michelle & Bryant’s family. Win!


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