My Farm Chic Wedding (Part 2)

Next time I design a concept wedding and execute my design, please remind me NOT to fall in love with my design, such that I want to re-use it for my own wedding.

I kinda fell in love with this color scheme…and the chickens…and Pamela’s cake.

And now you know what my wedding will look like. My bridesmaids will be chickens.  And we’ll stand around in a barn looking pretty.

Sooo…yeah… now my wedding is all planned. So much for the eventual surprise. Now just to find the groom…

(I kid, I kid!)


What was that you said? You want to see the rest of the pictures? Part one is here.

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  1. LOL @ Chicken

    You know, Jennifer, the bridal party gifts for chickens are really easy. They will eat almost anything (though, our chickens flat out refused to eat mint plants. Nearly killed our onion plants, but wouldn’t touch the mint. how weird is that?)

  2. E. – What “stuff” in particular? Its all pieces of the puzzle I call my vision… 😛

    Hey, Chicken, I really didn’t *mean* to call you that… rofl

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