Pre-Wedding Portraits

I am a huge fan of pre-wedding portraits. In fact, I have three main reasons to plan pre-wedding portraits (along with amaaazing photos of Lexi & Tanner) already blogged so I won’t tell that story again (you can click on the link to see their photos WITH COWS!) but with that backdrop you can imagine my joy and delight when Selina and Anthony hired me to spend a sunset with them for pre-wedding portraits in Surrey.

Not only is this dress perfectly swishable, but these two love to laugh and know how to love each other well AND the sunset glow was EVERYTHING magical. In sum, it was the perfect evening for pre-wedding portraits.

pre-wedding portraits

As proof of how well they care for one another, when I pulled up to the parking lot Anthony was laying out a tarp for Selina to stand on to keep her dress clean while she stepped in and out of it. (The tarp also came in handy for the wardrobe change. 😛 Note to self buy a tarp.)


pre-wedding portraits in Surrey


pre-wedding portraits sunset


pre-wedding portraits

I love watching couples interact as I give instructions and these two have such a calm, comfortable rhythm together. Almost mental telepathy, if you will, and I felt perfectly ignored in all the right ways as they enjoyed their own little world.

Le swoon!

If you are trying to decide whether to take pre-wedding portraits, I’m here to say: DO IT. You will not be sorry.

Not only did we have perfect light at our first location, but we took the time to enjoy sunset at the ocean and had perfect lighting then, too!


If I only ever photographed people in love in the sunset at the ocean, it would be a-okay.


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