Newlands Golf Course Wedding

Emileigh & Isaac’s Newlands Golf Course Wedding was one of those wedding days — an exuberantly excited, enthusiastically happy, over-the-top joy-filled, brimming-with-friendship celebration of marriage. Basically, the perfect day of marrying and partying and eating and laughing.  (After all the laughter at Isaac & Emileigh’s rainy day engagement photos, I wasn’t surprised.)

 Emileigh sat in her parent’s home, surrounded by her girlfriends and sipping her iced tea and braiding hair and giving gifts. She prepared for her wedding day doing what she does best: celebrating her friends (and on the day that they were spending celebrating her, no less)!  (M.O.B. Boss made tons of sense for a coffee cup title, but we couldn’t quite figure out what a “bridal maid” might be, other than a word created by an uneducated-in-such-terms teenage. :-P)

Wait for it…wait for…Do you see it? The glee of those faces when Emileigh walked up the steps fully bridal’ed?! 

Emileigh waited with excited anticipation in the bridal suite as the Conservatory below buzzed with excitement for her to arrive for her grand entrance into her Newlands Golf Course wedding day celebration.  Isaac stood with his groomsmen, playing with his soon-to-be brother-in-laws (Awesome One and Awesomer One, were their self-chosen title although they were also known as ring bearer and junior groomsman).  They compared Star Wars socks, counted down the minutes to the tying-of-the-knot, and generally just had fun.

  “Welcome to the wedding of Isaac & Emileigh,” she said. “Don’t they look great today?!”

[high five]

Newlands Golf Course Wedding

I am now a huge fan of Newlands Golf Course wedding celebrations. Not only for the talented staff that made it an exquisite celebration, but for the blue-skyed dome that made my lover-of-light heart happy and for this magically shiny reflective floor. My word, so gorgeous!

Newlands Golf Course Wedding

We scooted over to Williams Park for portraits between ceremony and reception and basked in the heat of the day and the beauty of friendship and love. A little twirl  in the forest, too.

Ohmyword, Emileigh you’re so gorgeous!  Between the lace of your dress, the perfection of your hair, and the Confetti Floral crown: words fail me!

So last week’s wedding ceremony was photobombed by an eagle and this week’s wedding portraits were watched by an owl.  What will next week’s wedding crasher be?! 😉  (Thanks to my second shooter for the awesome owl photo! Good work, Greg!)

Can we take a moment to say: WOW?! Emileigh, girl, you’re gorgeous!

Isaac’s Dad became the hero of the wedding party when he showed up with an Entire Box of French Fries!!

If I had to choose a favorite part of Isaac & Emileigh’s Newlands Golf Course Wedding day, it would be a toss-up between their dance party (two professional dancers + a crowd of dancing friends = one rocking party!) and their pre-dinner Cake Smash game: the cake smash rights were chosen based on whoever’s jar received the most money from guests! Guys, this is BRILLIANT! And so, so, so hilarious!

(Spoiler alert: Isaac made a comeback eventually, but never quiiite enough.) Newlands Golf Course Wedding


Ready…set…. Cake Smash!

(And if you want to see photo-in-motion of the smash, head on over to my Facebook Page for the full series. You will not regret it. Especially when you see who eats cake off Isaac’s face.)


Congratulations on a fantastic wedding day, you guys, and thanks for being the awesomest clients ever. 😉

Venue: Newlands Golf Course & Country Club 
Dress: David’s Bridal
Flowers: Newland’s Club Wed
Bridesmaid Dresses & Shoes: Modcloth
Flower Crowns: Confetti Floral


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