The Loft at Union Square Wedding

Dear Ben and Hien,

Thank you for sharing your day with me. For skipping out on your final exam study session early, for spending hours and hours shopping for just the right necklace, for interrupting your regularly scheduled day to come hang out at The Loft at Union Square. I mean, there are many things you could’ve been doing instead. You’re starting a business and finishing a degree and – oh yeah – you’ve been married for a mere six months.

But, Ben and Hien, when I loved spending time with you. And I especially loved watching how you love each other. When the bubble gum got stuck to your shoe, Hien, you knew not to get flustered by it; you just turned to Ben for help. When your wife asked you to take a three hour shopping trip, Ben, you smiled and said: “If it makes you happy, then its worth it.”  When a crazy photographer asked to spend an afternoon with you, you two showed me love.

You may have only met a year and a half ago — after the Valentine’s Day message at church — but Ben, I can tell that you’re her rock. Your wedding might have been six months ago, and maybe the past few year has been an academically challenging year, Hien, but always remember that Ben can’t stop smiling when he looks at you. And when he holds you, he is protecting you…cherishing you…loving you.

And, Ben: thanks for giving Hien a sunrise beach proposal.  At 5am. On your 25th birthday. With a self timer camera. So you could remember the moment: the moment she agreed to be your wife.

Hien, thanks for telling me your story. For taking the time (during finals week!) to share with me your love for your husband and your joy in your marriage.

And, to both of you, thank you for letting me a part of your story as I tell your story. For telling me that “these photos are exactly what I wanted and have been dreaming of” and that “you made my dream become true!!!”

To Ben and Hien: thanks for loving each other. And for doing it so beautifully.




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