Schnepf Farms Wedding

Naomi’s wedding day dawned even more spectacular than anyone could’ve imagined.  The sun shone,  the peach blossoms flourished (several weeks ahead of schedule!), and everything ran right on schedule.  It felt like a smile from heaven, blessing the day and all it would hold.  While Will played piano, guitar, and football (respectively) and while Naomi sat under the talented hand of her hair stylist and makeup artist sister,  both mothers and several siblings and a couple aunts were out on the lawn arranging decor, filling vases with wildflowers, and stacking jam jars. A ring bearer arrived, clinging to his beloved bear and taking his role as bear-er very seriously.  The groomsmen alternated between playing games and helping the setup.  The hustle and bustle was typical, but inside Naomi’s sanctuary was a delightful peace and calm as she waited her turn to greet her father,  walk to her fiance, and gladly become his wife.

There at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, Arizona,  Will and Naomi were married.

And it was good.

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