Backyard Wedding in Aldergrove

Like many of this year’s brides, Kristen and Devon have been forced to pivot upon pivot upon pivot.  New date, new location, new guest list, new baby, new tents, etc, etc, etc.  It’s astonishing, really, the number of changes they’d been forced to make.  But even more astonishing? How gracefully and giddily they celebrated despite the many disruptions to the original plan.  Kristen and Devon kept the main thing the main thing as they celebrated their backyard wedding in Aldergrove. In the rain.

Yes, the rain.

Not only did they change all the plans (multiple times!), they also had to add tents and umbrellas at the very last minute!

But nothing dampened the joy of their backyard wedding in Aldergrove. Marriage surrounded by friends and family is all that mattered to them, even if those friends had to keep pushing pooled water off the roof of the tent. 😉

LOOK AT ALL THIS BEAUTY!  The custom tables, the matching backdrops, the whimsical centerpieces, the burlap and lace.  It all came together to create a stunning bower of beauty. Isn’t it amazing?!

Backyard Wedding in Aldergrove

Devon waited with nervous anticipation as Kristen walked out of her Dad’s house to marry her man. She scurried through the rain, ducked into the tent, and got married.

Backyard Wedding in Aldergrove


The tents and umbrellas made it an even more memorable celebration for these two.  Maybe  (definitely) not what they envisioned, but truly a beautiful celebration for two fabulous people.

Aren’t they beautiful?!  (And so fun! These two are hilarious!)

Backyard Wedding in Aldergrove

Aaaaah. Kristen, you’re STUNNING!

Rain or no, this was a BEAUTIFUL wedding and a classy (but a little bit trashy  — their words, not mine!) celebration of love and friendship and family and marriage.

Backyard wedding in AldergroveBackyard Wedding in AldergroveBackyard wedding in Aldergrove

Thanks for letting me be part of the fun, you guys! =D

Cake: Reddy Made Cakes

Catering: Tastefully Yours by Jeff

Dress: Champagne and Lace

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