Adventure Engagement Photos

Dear World: Lori and Kamil get major, massive, immense props for rocking an afternoon of adventure engagement photos.  The end.

adventure engagement photos

Just kidding!  So not the end. This story deserves to be told in detail:

  1. To have adventure engagement photos, Lori had to bounce up a Forest Service Road in a truck without air conditioning on a hot day. All that with freshly done hair and makeup. If that isn’t hardcore, I don’t know what is.
  2. In the quest for adventure engagement photos, Lori and Kamil both had to change into their mountaintop outfits in the wilderness and, well, that takes dedication.
  3. When hiking in to the forest, we wandered a little farther than maybe is normal or necessary or suggested in dressy shoes. Their mountaingoating skills are unparalleled. (I tottered little a toddler, but they were solid. I need those skills.)

adventure engagement photos

This mountaintop spot is my all-time favorite not only for its epic factor (I mean, LOOK AT THAT VIEW) but also because John found it. He scoured the 4×4 maps and trekked quite a few FSRs inspecting the mountainside for me last fall looking for a viewpoint.  I was scheduled to hike a mountain for an engagement session but the rain had been intense. He didn’t relish the idea of me slipping down the muddy trail and bouncing down to certain injury, so he found this spot.

Talk about true love, right?! (And those photos were entirely in the rain, so we were thankful to not be sliding up a slippery mountainside.)

mountaintop engagement photos

Speaking of love, though, Lori and Kamil amazing —  in-tune, in-sync, I-got-your-back love. Or, since I was just catching up on my 90s pop culture, I bet theirs is a “can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of love.”

(Do you know the movie?)

Engagement sessions are my favorites for so many reasons but moment in which we cross from “oh no, this is going to be awkward being in front of the camera” to “dude, this is fun!”


After the shoot, I got the best text from Lori:

“Jennifer YOU are seriously amazing 😍  that day will go down in the books for us, we were floating on the drive home. It completely exceeded my expectations of what an engagement shoot could be! We had so much fun and it was awesome getting to know you better and your style. Can’t wait to see the pics “

You should know that I legitimately thrive on messages like these so if you ever want to become my new favorite person, speak words of affirmation to me. =D

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