My Farm Chic Wedding

It was like dress up. Only so so so much better. Let me say that again: it was better than dress up! (Which, for those of you who are girls, is a fairly outrageous statement: what could possibly be better than dress up?)  But there we were. Curlers and hair spray. Foundation and mascara. Eye shadow and bobby pins.  And despite the fact that I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to coordinate details and set up props and find my sanity.



Whats that?

It was the ultimate test of my photographic, artistic, soul. Could I take an idea from the very beginning stages of obscurity in my brain and create the photos that I was visualizing? Or would it flop immensely? Could I orchestrate models, details, wardrobe, hairstyles, and schedules? Would it all come together the way I wanted to?

So there we were.  Playing dress up. Picking outfits. Spraying hair spray. Joanna and I scurried around outside, setting up the table, displaying the cake (isn’t it beautiful?), and blocking the scene. The models were inside beautifying with Updos.  Wayne was trying to ignore the giggling.

And despite all the stress and panic, it all worked out beautifully. More beautifully than I could describe. And here they are. And I’m smiling.

Thanks to the hair styling talents of Updos, the cake decorating skills of Pamela, the fashion sense of Tamera, the creative consultation of Joanna and the random musings of My Brain.

Oh, and this where I pretend I’m a wedding designer and look forward to creating more masterpieces next time.

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  1. I’m glad you are trying your hand at amazingly decorative, creative, beautiful awesomeness. By the time I get married you will have lots of practice. Which is good, because I will need LOTS of assistance. Let me repeat: LOTS OF ASSISTANCE.

    What? You agree to help? AND Joanna?
    Okay, great, thanks.

    🙂 Great shoot Jenni!

  2. wow!! i adore the hairstyles!! and the pictures too. 🙂 i especially love the one with the bride in the picture frame and the bridesmaids in the back.

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