Married: Cory and Hannah (Pinebrook Country Club Wedding)

After Hannah had slid into her dress (more like wrestled, really; its complicated to deal with all those layers of fabric!), the flower girl peeked around the corner of the Pinebrook Country Club lockers. In her matching white dress (complete with train and veil), her eyes got really really big and she grinned at Hannah. And for the rest of the day, all she wanted was to be near Hannah. In pictures. At the reception. During the ceremony. All the time. Her eyes were trained on Hannah…and Hannah alone. She compared dresses. Delighted in the similarities. Flaunted her own veil.  Twirled in the sunlight. And couldn’t wait for the dollar she had been promised if she made it through the ceremony properly.

In fact, as we were taking pictures of Hannah and Cory, she ran up to me (from her post not-so-far-away from Hannah) and demanded we take a picture of her throwing flowers at Hannah and Cory. So we did. She threw her flower petals in the air and let them fly in front of Hannah and Cory…and she beamed at her accomplishment as if the sun’s light depended on it.

Isn’t that every little girl? Dancing in a world of sparkles and beauty.  Dreaming of love and marriage. Walking on a cloud of fairy dust and being transformed into a princess.

As I watched Hannah on her wedding day, though, she is living the Princess dream. She is in love with her Prince Charming. She was floating on a cloud of happiness. And – boy o boy – she sure did look like a fairy tale when she walked down the aisle on her daddy’s arm.

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