Manning Park Larches

When we hiked to the Manning Park Larches for wedding portraits  in celebration of Rae & Kyle’s ten years of marriage, we absolutely fell in love with the untouched beauty of yellow evergreens (yup. absolutely an oxymoron. go study the larches and be amazed at God’s creativity in design!) but we also took full advantage of the surreal setting and had a wardrobe change halfway through.

Note: even with the cold, start to finish for both outfits was less than 90 minutes of torturous beauty. Can we say again how ridiculously amazing (and obnoxiously adorable?) these two are? And not just because we’re in the Manning Park Larches!

But after we finished in the larch (larches? I can never decide the proper plural), we meandered down to the campsite where Katie Sue & James had started a fire for them to cozy in for a forest cuddle and, more importantly, warming up after all that wet rain. Teamwork, man!

Manning Park Larches

Manning Park Larches


Manning Park Larches

Manning Park Larches are easily my new favorite!

And this one? The intimacy and romance and gentleness in one frame? My heart melts. So amazing.


And then a little reality: all these above photos were taken THIS CLOSE to our hiking buddies and fireside compatriots.

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