Skate Park Portraits

We spent forty-five minutes together one Saturday morning.  Two boys, two helmets, two parents, the four (collective) wheels, and me.   The Murrayville Skateboard Park at W.C. Blair Recreation Centre in Langley was deserted at 9am on a steaming hot morning, so I got to watch all the tricks as many times as I wanted to.  And – boy oh boy – were there tricks!

It’s no trick to look adorably mischievous.

It’s no trick to be one smokin’ good lookin’ couple.

But barreling directly for a photographer and NOT shattering her precious Nikon glass? That’s  a trick. 😉

Speeding along a ledge and giving said photographer temporary heart failure?  Yup, a trick.
Effortlessly grabbing air again and again?  Definitely a trick.
Adding a few gray hairs to the already-graying-locks? Oh yes, that happened, too.

There’s not much I love more than watching a family love spending time together, loving making memories together, love pursuing a hobby together. Skate Park portraits as a family? Ohh, you KNOW I loved it!

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