Sisters, Sisters: Old Salem Family Portraits

  A year ago, they were learning the art of gentle loving and forehead kisses; now, they’re masters at the art of making baby giggle and distracting their tiny sister from the wails and cries by smothering her in love with hugs and kisses. Somethings just never do change, do they?  I wonder – ultimately – if they ever will. See how the older sisters are doting in absolute adoration of their baby sister?  From personal experience, that delighted affection doesn’t subside with time;  in fact, time and distance might even make it more pronounced than ever.

Right now, for Savannah and Natalie and Madison, they are playing peek-a-boo and blowing bubbles and sharing hugs and memories through the boo-boos and the spiders and the I-want-my-bottle traumas.  In high school, they will be sharing fashion tips and giggling through crushes and crying together when the crush isn’t reciprocated.  In their twenties, as friends-only-sisters-can-be, phone calls and emails will define that bond and the tears will be a little heavier than defined childhood owies and the teenage crushes.
But here they start:  forging the bond that could be tighter than any other despite the childhood quabbles, stronger because of the shared experiences, and more joyful in the delight of it all.
Happy sister-celebration-day, a holiday of my own declaration in honor of my own sister  and in celebration of Savannah-Natalie-Madison and the sister-bond that is flourishing.


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  1. As i told you in email…..If your goal was to make me cry, then you were successful. Jennifer, these photos and this blog touched my heart..To pick up on the bond my girls share forever was the sweetest..Thank you for your time and energy with my family…Until next time….:)

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