Rianna with her Mom & Dad

Mama and Dada were busy talking. Rianna was busy playing. And she especially wanted to play with the multi-colored cell phone Mama kept in her purse. It took all her concentration. Lips pursed, eyes serious, focus undeterred. Rianna worked on getting that special toy and worked and worked.

Somewhere along the way, she found an Easter chocolate leftover from yesterday’s egg hunt. She crawled a little closer to Mommy, the toy cell phone easily forgotten. Up on her knees, Rianna tapped on Mommy’s skirt. Her big blue eyes now fully focused on her beloved mother’s face, waiting for a response.

Please? she signed. And then signed it again. More? Please? She held up the piece of chocolate, waiting for Mommy to notice her and tell her whether she could eat the candy.

Please? More? Please?

It didn’t take long for Rianna to get her answer. She’d asked so nicely and politely. Perfectly, in fact. Unfortunately, perfect manners don’t always result in perfect answers. Rianna didn’t get the chocolate

But who needs chocolate when there’s a chance for a spontaneous dance around the kitchen with Daddy?

Dances with Daddy are even better than chocolate. Always.

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