Diachuk: Vancouver Aquarium Family Photos

Once there was a family named Diachuk.
They came from a land of duck and canuck.

The family named Diachuk
Took a girl named Jennifer
To the place of swimming cre-a-tures.


The Vancouver Aquarium.


(And I tried to be a poet once. I failed. And today, I failed again. This is embarrassing.)

The Aquarium is like the zoo: you go when you’re a kid, you always have fond memories, but then you never return … because its “for kids only.”

But here I am. An Adult. And I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it as much or more than the little munchkins. I mean, how often do YOU get to see a dolphin swimming inches from your face? Or watch jellyfish dance through the water? Or see glow-in-the-dark sea creatures? Or pet a starfish?

Thats what I thought.

Not too often.

That is why its so cool.

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  1. awww fun! Aquariums ARE fun as an adult! especially when you take my brother-who-knows-everything-about-anything-marine because he can answer all your stupid questions and add a fish joke at the end. 😉

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