Family Portrait at Cliff Falls Park

Remember when we were still in November and looking forward with glad anticipation to Christmas?  No?  Me either.  But then I was going through favorite photos in preparation for the publication of my first edition of a family portrait magazine (!!!!) and realized that these favorites never made it to the blogosphere.

How this happened, I can only imagine.  Maybe it’s because I was in between two massive trips across the continent when I took these photos?  Maybe it’s because Christmas was nipping at my heels?  Maybe it’s because I’m just behind on blogging?  Oh well. Who knows.

But let the record show:  not only is Cliff Falls Park the hidden gem of Maple Ridge, BC but this crew is the laughing-est, adventuring-est, best-est looking, joyful-est, cute-est family of the greater Vancouver region.  Think I say that about everyone?  Okay, maybe so.  But, you guys!, these smiles are only partly coming as a result my crazy antics and ridiculous maneuverings and self-deprecating humor.   Most of the happy in these photos is brimming up from a inner joy that defies definition


We laughed, we played, we hoped-Jennifer-wouldn’t-fall-off-the-tree-stump, we froze in the non-snowy-winter-wonderland, we giggled some more, we trekked the forest, we played tag along the creek bed.

Basically, it was perfection at Cliff Falls Park, that afternoon. =)




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