even in the rain

I used to relish those misty mornings perfect for cozy reading by to the staccato soundtrack of raindrops on the window.  A cup of steaming tea, a favorite hoodie, a piece of chocolate (or two! or three!) created a treasured rain day experience.

Then I moved to Canadaland.

Gone was the treasured aura of cozy reflection when the rain started.  Gone was the fun of watching patterns dribble down the window as the raindrops created art on the glass.  Gone was the beauty of rain-washed trees and the luxurious scent of cleaned earth. Gone.  Gone was my joy in even the inconveniences of raindrops.

The glee was replaced by dread.  Dread of nine months of rainy winter.  Dread of mud puddles and rain coats.  Dread of gray mornings.  Dread of the inevitable.  Dread in the everyday.

I can either be annoyed by the inconvenience and grayness of British Columbia’s perpetual rain, or I can choose to see it’s beauty.

I mean, like, duuuuh.  Is this really a question?

As I choose joy in 2015, I am choosing beauty, too.  The beauty of a rain drop teetering on a blade of grass.  The beauty of my umbrella’s reflection in a puddle.  The beauty of a raindrop exploding into a pool of water.  The beauty of the perfectly round ripples cascading through a still pond.  The beauty of raindrops careening through the sky.  The beauty of a child jumping in puddles.  The beauty of that second cup of chai on a rainy Saturday morning.


What is your ever-present nemesis that threatens to choke your joy and take away your appreciation for beauty?  It might be the toddlers, or that annoying cousin, or your pesky coworkers, or the commute to work, or the kitten’s litterbox.

Choose joy.  Choose beauty. Find the art in life.  And don’t let circumstances rain misery on your parade.

P.S. This is my first public preview of my ongoing personal project: Beauty in Rain. What do you think?  Want to see more?

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